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1930 Johnston Road / Luard Rd

1930 Johnston Road / Luard Rd

Text on Flickr:Newly reclaimed land is seen on the foreground.

I believe the photo was taken from the area where Southorn Playground will be built. Bowen Road viaduct is in the back.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, January 1, 1930


Yes, the open area would be the future Southorn Playground. This part of Wanchai had many Japanese shops and businesses e.g. curio shops (west of Luard Road), bars and massage parlours, I think Mrs Saiki was of the latter establishment. This photo may show the Japanese office staff outside their premises.

compare with this one showing Luard Road from the opposite direction.

Luard Road
Luard Road, by Admin


For comparison. View from 1941 as seen  here  eastbound on Johnston Road.

Could that be two houses of the Pawn on the left, and the narrow street being Tai Wong Street?

All 5 storefronts belonged to the Japanese - a watchmaker, Ito & Co. clothing store, Mrs. Sakai barbershop, and Ishimoto & Co.

Klaus - I think you're right. The right building seemed to step back a bit more from the street than the left one, similar to today's The Pawn and Five Guys.

1931 Johnston Road
1931 Johnston Road, by Eternal1966