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Hong Kong, street scene

Hong Kong, street scene

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Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, January 1, 1940


I wonder if any of the tram stop shelters, like the one shown in the photograph, currently in use dates from the pre-war years? I am sure that I have seen before shelters of remarkably similar design with the indents on the roof top, from the upper deck of a tram.

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Interesting question. I wonder if the tram shelters have lasted a long time, or if they've been re-built over the years but using the same design. Please let us know, if you find out.

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On some parts of Johnston Road and Praya Kennedy Town, one can still see tram stop signs erected on the kerb where vehicular traffic have to give way to  boarding or alighting tram passengers.

Prior to the construction of tram shelters, tram islands were built in the centre of the roads for tram passengers. When the tram islands were full of people trying to board a tram, it was quite difficult for passengers to get off.

1950s Des Voeux Road Central near Ice House Street

1950s Des Voeux Road Central near Ice House Street











One of the earliest tram shelters was built at the Causeway Bay Tram Terminus. A waiting room for first class passengers was made available.

1910s Causeway Bay Tram Terminus

1910s Causeway Bay Tram Terminus Waiting Room


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I tend to believe those shelters were post-war.  Anyway even if they are pre-war, I believe the older one would have been demolished a rebuilt as there had been vast rebuilt and re-alignments of the tram stops in the past two decades.

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Note the modifications made to the top floor of the builfing next to the pawn shop. Top photo shows ten years later.

1931 Johnston Road
1931 Johnston Road, by Eternal1966

Greetings.  On the upper left corner of the the top/first photo, the roof line does not align with the next block to the left (hill behind).  It looks like the latter was a bit setback from the road, or perhaps on the next street.  On the latest photo, their roof lines align well.  The pillars and girders look larger, indicating the two 4-storey structure was built subsquently.  If true, there is a miss-type of the year in one of the sources.   Regards,   Peter 

The tram stop looks quite new. Woo Cheong Pawn Shop is ahead on the right. Trams are new-built of post-war style from 1950 onwards.

Amended the DVRC photo to 1950. Thanks.