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This photo, courtesy of my parents Dr and Mrs Mike and Elizabeth Cooper in Victoria, British Columbia, shows the first home in Hong Kong of Dr E W Kirk on Po Shan Road.  This is where my mother, "Elizabeth Joy" was born.

Alec Cooper

Quebec City, Canada

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, January 1, 1930


I remembered Po Shan road was just above old Correspondents Club ( Conduit road 41) used in the film as the hospital in the film, “Love is a many-splendored thing”.

And before the WWII, there was Consular residence of Japan on Po Shan road, too.



The pair of buildings in the top-right corner of this photo are on Po Shan Road:

Kotewall Road-1961
Kotewall Road-1961, by IDJ

The one on the left is roughly where #8 is today, and looks a similar shape to the building in your mother's photo above. Any chance you have other views of the house that show the right-hand building of the pair, and can confirm the location?

Regards, David

So Dr Kirk's great-grandchildren my son, his wife and my son's cousin the Cathay Pacific pilot may have been right after all with that address!  I am relaying this to my father and mother in Victoria and to another Kirk grandson, the unofficial "family archivist" in New Zealand,  Henry P. Stubbs.