Our Lady's Hall, 8 Po Shan Road [????-????]

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8, Po Shan Road

Ian writes:

Our Lady's Hall was located at 8 Po Shan Road and was opened on the 29th August 1939 as a HKU womens Hall of Residence. The orginal house on this site was adapted and enlarged to accommodate 25 women students.

It was probably demolished in the 1960s as the next generational building on this site, Hamilton Court, is noted as being built in 1970. I lived In HC between 1983 and 1987.

Main sources: a recent history entitled 'A History of The University of Hong Kong, Volume 1, 1911-1945' by Peter Cunich.

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Our family lived in this house in the late 60s (leased from St. Paul's) until July 1970.  If Hamilton Court was built in 1970, it had to have gone up after early July, 1970.  There had been a lovely garden in the front - a lawn just in front and a large fenced in rose garden farther back from the front of the house.  The children from Piccadilly Mansion on one side and Po Shan Mansion on the other often came to play as we had not only the yard, but a stage and several old school desks in the basement.  I believe the house is included in a diaorama at the HK Museum of History.  

It looks as if the completion for Hamilton Court was 1973/74. The 'Final Report of the Commission of Inquirey into the Rainstorm Disasters 1972' , Background Information, Section 2 - Geological, Page 29, Para 88, describes 8 Po Shan Road as 'another construction site' at the time of the Kotewall Road Disaster. There had been a landslip at the back of the Hamilton Court site just prior to the KRD.