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Rawson HK 36.jpg

Rawson HK 36.jpg

Hao Man Tin (apparently there is now a Park n Shop on the site)

Looking for help to identify these photos my grandfather took when he was in Hong Kong with the British Army in the 1950s. I've carried out some research by looking at old photos but with limited success. The photos have also been shared with a number of Facebook forums. I'm really grateful for any help anyone can give as my goal is to build an album showing my grandfather's photos against the modern day photos of our time in Hong Kong. 



This is Nathan Road, Kowloon, The cars are travelling in a northbound direction. The building with the spire is the Alhambra Theatre. The view of the Theatre and the buildings from the opposite side of the road as seen below.

1950s Alhambra Theatre
1950s Alhambra Theatre, by David


Thanks very much for uploading these.

Please could you tell us a bit more about your grandfather, eg his name, the years he was in Hong Kong, and how he spent his time here? It'll be interesting to know, and may also help with some of the identification.

If you look at your photo above you'll see I've added

Places shown in this photo: 

If you click on the link for the Place you'll go to a page about the building, with a map showing its location and more photos that show it. They'll help you find the spot to take the modern photo for your new album.

Regards, David