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Houses on the peak in clouds

Houses on the peak in clouds

This photo was taken from Victoria Peak, possibly from the lookout above Victoria Peak Garden. It shows houses on Victoria Gap or on "the peak from the backside" compared to On the left hand side I believe Mount Austin Mansions are visible.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, August 26, 1980


Splendid picture, Klaus.  That apartment building beside the three houses on the leftmost side of the picture was the former government quarters at 12 Mount Kellett Road.  The site was auctioned off at the end of 2006 to make way for houses. 

David, would it be possible to layer numbers over this picture as well?  It will be difficult to identify all the properties. 

Annotations added

Here are the names and locations that I am reasonably certain about. 

s - Mount Austin Mansions

a, b, c - 8 Mount Kellett Road, Government Quarters.  There was a fourth house these that is out of view.  Site redeveloped, now Chateau de Peak

d - Peak Pavillions, Government Quarters, 12 Mount Kellett Road.  Site sold in 2006, development now called Twelve Peaks.

e, f, g, h - 14 Mount Kellett Road, six detached houses on site of the former War Memorial Hospital / Royal Navy Hospital / BMH Mount Kellett

i - Vivian Court, 18-22 Mount Kellett Road, 1950s maps shows Des Voeux Villas on this site

j - Kellett House redevelopment, ten townhouses.  Previous building on the site was also called Kellett House, 196 The Peak on the 1950s map.

I am not certain about a few of these, so if anyone else wants to take a look and make any corrections, please feel free to do so.

k - Eilandonan, 78 Mount Kellett Road. The house in this 1980 picture looks similar to the one on 1950s and 1960 map

l - Lucina, No. 62. Looks like it is still a very old property today

m - Kellett Heights, No. 61 A&B.  Apartment building completed in 1965.

n - No. 60. I believe it HSBC executive house at the time

o - No. 59.  A house built in 1974, named 59A & B when one house sold early-2000s, recently demolished. 1960 map shows no house on this site.

q - No. 57.  House possibly still standing

s - identified earlier as Mount Austin Mansions

t - No. 71 & 73.  Looks like two connected houses on 1960 map.  Today 71 is named Kelletteria (5 townhouses, built 2003) and 73 is one house

u - Kellett View Town Houses, No. 65-69.  Fourteen townhouses completed in 1976 on the site of Cameron Villas on 1950s, 1960 map.

v - No. 63.  Chelsea Court lowrise on the site today was completed in 2001