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The Peak-residential property

The Peak-residential property

Not sure of the actual address, west end of The Peak towards and above Magazine Gap Road



Hmm.  This picture has me stumped because I recognize neither of the houses.  It is definitely near Magazine Gap Road, as you suggested, IDJ. 

Initially, I thought the green-roofed house is 40 Peak Road.  However, Katoomba at 22 Magazine Gap Road would be visible if it was 40 Peak.  Katoomba never resembled that red roof house.  About half of HSBC's Pink House at 33 Magazine Gap is seen in the distance, but it is difficult to deduce how far it was from these two properties. 

Happy to report that both of these houses are still standing.  The appearance of The Pink House in the background confused me about the location.

These two houses are actually on Barker Road.  The red house at No. 8 is named Trollstua - it was on the 1956 Peak map, but not the 1924. 

Higher up is No. 11 and I think it was constructed post-war on the site of the former Inverdee, 406 The Peak (Government Quarters).  Inverdee was on Severn Road. 

I've made Places for numbers 8 ( and 11 ( to use on any future photos that show them.

Regards, David