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1930s Caine Road

1930s Caine Road



Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, January 1, 1935


Hi Moddsey,

This one should be a bit further west - Hop Yat Church on the right, and a view of 147 Caine Road and the Bacteriological Institute in the distance.

Regards, David

Hi moddsey, I am a bit lost.  Where are the steps in the centre?  In the Tai Ping Shan area?  Thanks.

Thanks and updated. Yes, looking at the Tai Ping Shan area below. If David would redirect the photo to the proper thread.

Can you please add the following places to this photo


Burnside: http://gwulo.com/node/5726.

Top right of picture


Rutter lane Terrace : http://gwulo.com/node/32412

Rutter Lane runs down the centre of this picture, Rutter Terrace is the row of buildings to the right.


Hospital Road Terrace (2nd Generation): http://gwulo.com/node/32462

Row of 5 story Buildings on right of picture


Beauregard: http://gwulo.com/node/31734

Below Ying Wa Girls School. Not 100% sure that this is Beauregard- its located roughly where the current Pastors house is behind Hop Yat Church. I think Beauregard may have been where Hop Yat Church is now and this was a later building. 


Ying Wa Girls School: http://gwulo.com/node/31104

The 1927 Block – Below to the right of Burnside


Ohel Leah Synagogue: http://gwulo.com/Ohel-Leah-Synagogue

One tower is visible just to the left of the Hop Yat Church Tower

All included. Keep up the good work!

Almost the same view, but 30 years later:

View from the Tung Wah Hospital Building
View fron the Tung Wah Hospital Building, by Eternal1966