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147 Caine Road was the site of Chung Chi College from 1952-1956, and was where United College of Hong Kong was founded in 1956 (located there until 1961).  The Chinese University of Hong Kong (founded in 1963) was a federation of these two colleges and New Asia College.

See Pages 10 and 11 of this book in Chinese for a photo.

An architectural drawing of the building is found here.

swctai writes:

My father grew up on Caine Road in the thirties and forties.  I sent him a link to this page and he replied:
"I enclose a photo of our old house on 147 Caine Road (tel 24040).  See we had a huge  basement, housing the servants' quarters, a big kitchen, and 2 store rooms for coal and firewood.  We had a little back yard too as well as a special room for the gods where Grandma used to pray.  There was a big play area on the roof with marble tables and chairs, overlooking the entire Victoria Harbour without any obstruction.  We saw Japanese planes drop bombs on Kai Tak Airport on Dec 8 1941.
About 1948 a goup on mainland scholors rented our house to establish a post-secondary Zhung Chi College which subsequently evolved into the now very famous CUHK (Chinese University HK)."