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1930s Junction of Wanchai & Johnston Roads

1930s Junction of Wanchai & Johnston Roads

The photographer is looking north along Wanchai Road to the junction with Flemin & Johnston Roads. The tram on the right is on the section of Johnston Road between Fleming & Stewart Roads. Upper right we can see a pawn shop sign, probably belonging to #91 Wanchai Road which is still a pawn shop - and still the same building that was standing when this photo was taken!

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, January 1, 1930


Seems like photographer is standing on Johnston Rd...

No, if he was standing on Johnston Road we'd see tram lines somewhere around his feet. But there is a tram in the distance, so he's near to it.

I think my original description above is still the likely location, but it would be good to get a photo of the area from another angle to confirm it.

Regards, David