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1930s Carnarvon Road

1930s Carnarvon Road

A very similar view to the postcard below, and they even share the same mis-spelling, 'Carnaroon'. I'm still not sure which section of Carnarvon Road this was.

1920s Carnarvon Road

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, January 1, 1930


I think it is that section of Carnarvon Road with Prat Avenue on the right of the larger building in the centre.

Another error is 'Komloon'.

Same view (?) in 1966 and 2010:


By the way, the link above is a great blog with lots of "then and now" photographs.

I actually think this could be a view looking from the Nathan Road end of Carnarvon Road towards the east, where Carnarvon Road turns left at a 45-degree angle at the end of the strip, and on the right is Bristol Avenue.  The New Astor Hotel used to stand at that junction until it became part of the K11 monster.

See a link here for New Astor:


CHM, That looks like the right spot, thanks.

I'm not sure if we can see Bristol Avenue in these old photos, as I'm not sure when it was created. It hasn't been built yet on this 1924 map, which just shows Carnarvon Road and Cornwall Avenue.

Regards, David

1920s Carnarvon Road
1920s Carnarvon Road, by eternal1966e

1920s Carnarvon Road
1920s Carnarvon Road, by Moddsey

I wonder if they are referring to "Cameron Road" is some of the photos? It showson the map as the next street over from Humphreys.

In terms of building development in the 1910-20s, Carnarvon Road was developed ahead of Cameron Road. The latter road comprisied more vacant plots of land. Yes, there were spelling errors in early postcards showing Carnarvon Road,