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Two Girls Florida Water Steps

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Two Girls Florida Water Steps
We've been trying to find the location of this photograph, made circa 1976. If anyone can positively identify, would be much appreciated. Possible locations: near 24 Caine Road; Queen's Road West near Possession Street.
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, January 1, 1976


That's a lovely photo, thanks for posting. I don't recognise the location, but I've mentioned it in this week's newsletter to see if any subscribers recognise it. If you do pin it down, please could you let us know?

Regards, David

Thanks David,

Still tracking. A nice print, 13" X 20" will be at Picture This Gallery.

Albest, Robin

Robin - Lovely Photo. You could try the Royal Asiatic Society as they did a photo survey of old buildings etc of Western Victoria in 1980 for their publication of Hong Kong Going Going Gone. Unfortunately, the staircase does not appear in the book.

Nice disguise for the staircase. The small wall plaque refers to the same brand of 'cold cream' . Perhaps the entry to a beauty parlour or similar ?


On Facebook - 22 Caine Road is believed to be the location of the staircase. The No. 22 can be viewed behind the potted plants.

Glad to hear it's located. Please can you give us a link to the Facebook page to read the discussion?

Regards, David

Link: here

Thanks, David, for posting. I've 99% confirmed, due to preponderence of evidence both actual and anecdotal.