Kwong Sang Hong, Limited [1898- ]

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Local cosmetic manufacturer, selling products under their "Two Girls" brand. Details from the company website:

Brand History
The House of Kwong Sang Hong Limited (KSH), Two Girls was founded by Mr. Fook Tien Fung in 1898 and it is the first cosmetics brand in Hong Kong over a century. By the end of 19th century, foreign cosmetics were imported into China mainly through the entrepot in Hong Kong, the locals started to recognize the foreign cosmetics. However, these products were sold at extremely high prices. As a result, only expatriates and handful of rich families could afford them. Fung immediately spotted an opportunity in the local cosmetics market and realized the Chinese community was lack of fine cosmetics at affordable price. He determined to establish the first local cosmetics company in Hong Kong which led him a great success.

KSH was focus on product research and development, the raw materials were imported from The United Kingdom and France in order to maintain the high level of quality standard. KSH had also established a one-stop production factory, enabling to monitor self-regulation and control closely. The Four Kings Product: Florida Water, Hair Oil, Face Cream and Talcum Powder are the best selling in the past as well as at present.

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