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1925-6 Tram

1925-6 Tram

Thanks to Henry Ching for this photo. He writes:

This shows a HK tram in rather a different context. The background, on the right, is the GPO.  The sign reads “Tramways volunteers apply here”. The photo was taken during the strike and boycott of 1925-26.  I think (but would not swear to it) that the figure on the left, in short pants, is my father – it looks like him.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, January 1, 1925


Sourced from Hongkong Tramways, LRTL 1970, the Boycott was caused by the refused of use of Chinese coins for trams. It finally settled in late 1912. The slogan on the pictured tram is obviously something new to me. Thanks for sharing.




Hi Joseph,

The 1912 boycott you mention is a different one from the 1925-26 boycott shown above. A search for tram boycott in the HKPL MMIS site returns 154 results, so there may well have been even more!

Regards, David

Thanks David for the clarification. Trams in HK has become a hot topic recently.