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BAAG A Reunion 1952

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BAAG A Reunion 1952

A reunion of some former colleagues of the British Army Aid Group and their wives at the home of Paul Tsui.  

Dr. Raymond Mok & Gladys Mok at far left.

Paul Tsui with Rose Tsui on right.  Mark Tsui & Francis Lee standing behind.

A larger group met at Dunrose a year before. 

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, July 1, 1952


Thank you for this photo, with my parents Raymond and Gladys highlighted!

Francis Lee was my God father.


Mrs. Francis Lee, Rita, was sitting next to your mom, Gladys.

Former Chinese Nationalist Military Major Lai Yuan-lung MBE was 3rd from right. He was assigned to the BAAG AHQ as a Liaison Officer after its inception in 1942.  Mrs. Lai sitting 3rd from right.  I believe they maintained closer contacts with Dr. Mok after the 50s when we moved to Hong Kong Island.  I think Lai was a manager of the Fishery Market Organisation post-war.

My younger brother Andrew was on my mom's lap.  My elder brothers and sister were at the front.  However, I was not in the photo.  It may be that I was inside recovering from Diptheria.  My mom said Dr. Mok specialised in Diptheria in his studies in the UK.  Upon return to Hong Kong, he saved my life my mom always reminded me.

Yes, Diptheria - I used to be terrified by his descriptions of the disease....

I believe he was also concerned with public health and hygiene, for instance working to get the nullah on Nullah Road covered over.

Thank you for pointing out Rita Lee in the photo. We met up with her and the family in Canada.


Dear Lawrence, I am the nephew of Andrew Chan (back row) in the reunion photo. I have been researching my Uncles' (Andrew and Lui Ka Yin) work with the BAAG for a few years now. It all started with updating the family tree.

But just last month, Ms Elizabeth Ride (who has been kindly helping me with my task) asked myself and another descendant of a BAAG agent - Mrs Sandra Lau to restart a Remembrance group for members of Sir Ride's BAAG. Ms Ride has kindly given a few people to contact, including a few from the Gwulo site.

We would be most happy if you can help in any small way you can as Me Paul Tsui was practically Sir Ride's right arm, and I seem to remember seeing Paul Tsui at my father's (Joseph Chan Kwong Cheung/Chan Pak Yam) and uncle Andrew's family dinners in the late 40's and 50's.

Moreover, just 3 months ago, Uncle Andrew's daughter, Mabel Lui (she kept her natural father's name) in her 80's, asked me about her father's history in the BAAG. She had talked with Ms Ride a few years back in Australia, but there was not much information available. She particularly wanted to know if and where Lui Ka Yin might be remembered. I told her he is honoured at the Sai Wan Military Cemetary, and as I would be in HK in Nov, I would go there and lay a wreath and send her photos. I went there the Sunday after Remembrance Sunday, and I paid my respects for Mabel and for myself.

The Rememberance team, and I am sure Ms Ride also, will be very honoured and grateful if you could kindly help and contribute to our humble efforts.

Wishing you a Happy New Year, and may God bless you and yours.

Felix Chanduloy

(From my father's generation, the family name has been Chanduloy)