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Sammy Shields at Star House

Sammy Shields at Star House

Photo courtesy of Dr. Bob Duncan:

Am scanning a photo of surgery opposite Star Ferry complete with working rick shaw  and my professional name plate.

((Also visible is the nameplate for Sammy Shields))

Sammy Shields was a dentist with whom I worked in 1959 and had many stories to tell of Stanley jail. His main practice was at 2/F Gloucester Building HK.   Branch at Star House Kowloon.... He came to HK pre-ww2 as a dental mechanic but his work in stanley persuaded Selwyn Clarke to let him practice post war as a dentist. Keen member and owner of RHKJC and Sports Club.

I met Selwyn Selwyn Clarke in Seychelles in 1972.  He had been Governer and was paying a sentimental visit.   I was working there as a dentist for the Seychelles Govt..  I told him of my association with Sammy and he replied that sammy was a bit of a loose cannon.    

My first entry to HK was as a very young army officer and we landed at Kai Tak sideways on, as the sea runway was not built,  1946.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, January 1, 1959


The sign reads H F Shields. China Mail dated 11 September 1945 reports that H F Shields, the well known local dentist will be operating a free dental clinic to members of the essential services at King's Building from 12 September.

Noted this IWM photo, I guess that is Mr. Shields wicker suitcase on the floor of the dental surgery in Stanley Camp. 

Mr Shields and his chamber of tortures at Star House were mentioned in the chapter "Living on Clouds" of the book. Looking at the photo, I can imagine Martin, very reluctantly, entering the building, escorted by his mother Joyce.