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View of Hong Kong Observatory before 1902

View of Hong Kong Observatory before 1902

Copy of photograph of the Hong Kong Observatory on top of Mount Elgin, probably same as (2) which should be dated before 1902 judging from the 1902-03 map of Tsim Sha Tsui  (3) which already shows the two rows of houses west of the East Road.  

Anybody could help better define the date of this photo?  Early 1900s or even before?  Thanks a lot!

CM Shun

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, January 1, 1900


Nice photo! Sorry though, I can't guess any better than "about 1900".

There aren't any permanent buildings on Gun Club Hill. Wikipedia says they were built in 1903-4:

There isn't any sign of Observatory Villas, dated to 1902:

I notice there isn't any reclamation yet to the east of Chatham Road. If you could find a date for that, that might help narrow it down.

Regards, David

PS It's interesting to see the extra development in this photo dated 1908:

1908 Chatham Road

The building on KIL 576 hasn't been built yet either in this photo.

Regards, David