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old Wanchai School to the south of Seamen's Hospital

old Wanchai School to the south of Seamen's Hospital

The painting shows the Seamen's Hospital at hospital hill in Wanchai in 1873. To the south, one can find the old Wanchai School surrounded by short walls.  On the left is the open stone-nullah.  The present day "Stone Nullah Street" follows this alignment, and the open stone-nullah became a box-culvert under the road surface.   On the foreground one can find a twin-structure with decorations on the roofs.  It is the Pak Tai Temple, which was built in 1863.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, January 1, 1873


Hi Edmond,

Well spotted to notice the school in this old engraving.

I'm not sure the old Wanchai Market is visible though. I think it would be out of sight to the left, behind the trees.

Regards, David

PS Here are some tips on adding Places to photos: http://gwulo.com/node/5242

Hi David,

No, Wanchai Market (first generation) was not visible in the painting.  As you rightly pointed out, it was on the far left hand side and outside the scope.

Followong your advice, I have deleted "Wanchai Market" in the Place dialogue box.  Thank you.

Best regards


Thanks Edmond,

I've gone back and edited to add the Places we can see. Then this photo will appear on the pages for each of those Places, making it easier for other people to find it.

Regards, David