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Duke of Connaught Statue

Duke of Connaught Statue

After 1907, when the statue was moved from Statue Square, but as David pointed out, it seems to be after the GPO was built in 1911, and before the P&O Building was built in 1924.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, January 1, 1910


One would think the GPO would be on the left. But not quite sure.

He was quite far out into Connaught Road so the GPO could well be out of sight to the left. Great pic.

The GPO building is just visible on the far left of the photo - there are those distinctive curves on the columns.

The plot to its west is still empty. I think that's where the P&O building will appear later - perhaps not until the 1920s?

If you have the original, you could zoom in and check if the chinese men in the photo have their hair in a queue. I can't see any, but they're a bit small to be sure.

I guess it was taken in the 1910s.

A good view along the Praya, thanks for posting.

Regards, David

The first floor verandah of the GPO jutting out onto Connaught Road Central can be seen on the extreme left as shown here.

The buildings on the praya prior to the completion of the P & O building (vacant lot immediately to the west of the GPO) in 1924 can be seen here

 A similar view of the area

1920s Praya Central (west of the GPO)

Think the first pier (ship with 3 "O") is the P&O pier, behind is Douglas Steamship Wharf.