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1936 San Wai Camp

1936 San Wai Camp
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, January 1, 1936


I guess the rocks used to form these badges must still be in situe under all the overgrown vegetation.  Has anyone ever been up  recently to see if there are any traces?

There is a discussion here about the Scots Guards' crest on Crest Hill.

Thank you Moddsey for posting that 1936 photo of "Cap Badge Hill" near San Wai military camp.

I wonder if you might have an opinion on which range of hills behind this camp on these two "today" photographs would represent what we see in the 1936 photo ? i.e. the lower shorter range onto which the camp extends up the lower slopes or would it be the higher and much longer range of hills behind this? 

San-Wai-Camp- "Cap Badge Hill ??? 1
San-Wai-Camp- "Cap Badge Hill ??? 1, by Chinarail (modified crop of San Wai Barracks -Google View)
San-Wai-Camp- "Cap Badge Hill ??? 2
San-Wai-Camp- "Cap Badge Hill ??? 2, by Chinarail (modified crop of San Wai Barracks -Google View)

The  photos are derived from pictures captioned " San Wai Barracks" by  RexSStudio on Google Maps ( HERE


San-Wai-Camp-Cap-Badge-Hill-3- Remains of Regimental Badge?
San-Wai-Camp-Cap-Badge-Hill-3- Remains of Regimental Badge?, by Chinarail -cropped image from Google Maps

 Could this be the remains of one of British Regimental badges carved on the Hillside behind San Wai military camp  at " Cap Badge Hill" ?

Chinarail - in moddsey's image, the right most bump on the ridge is the same one that today still has the painted Royal HK Regiment emblem. This can be seen in your first image. Phil

Thanks for ponting that out. Initially I thought that emblem ( top right)  was perhaps just a piece of canvas erected by hikers as a rain shelter..

it's a recurring topic on the site, there are quite a few pages dotted around that perhaps could use some consolidation: https://gwulo.com/node/44975