Cap Badge Hill, overlooking San Wai Camp [????- ]

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British Army regiments that had spent time in Hong Kong would leave their mark by creating a copy of their regiment's cap badge on the hill overlooking San Wai Camp. Several are clear to see in this photo from 1936:

1936 San Wai Camp
1936 San Wai Camp, by moddsey


The tradition continued after WW2. When the Middlesex Regiment were getting ready to leave Hong Kong in 1952, one of their companies was given the task of adding a copy of the Middlesex's cap badge to the hill:

[...] Finally, in order to forestall any attempt of being called “ Funnel Happy ” (the expression “ Boat Happy ” is no longer in vogue) each Company has been given a special C.O.’s task:

“ A ” Company, the making of a Regimental crest on Cap Badge Hill.


The Regimental badge which will take its place on the hill overlooking San Wai Camp was designed by Pte. Pragnell of Support Company. Alongside it are those of the Argylls and 27 Infantry Brigade, while below is the crest of the Lincolns. Cap Badge Hill, though not high, has a practically vertical gradient and provides an excellent test for our hill climbing muscles.

The badge is being fashioned from rock which has first to be fragmented by L/Cpl. Galvin of the Assault Pioneer Platoon, who delights in filling the valleys with the noise of his explosions. The fragments are then placed in a shallow trench which has been cut out in the form of the badge, bound together with cement and kept in position with small pickets and finally painted white. We hope, when it is finished, to persuade the Air Force to take a photograph of the hill.

Pages 237 & 238, December 1952 issue of The Die Hards, The Journal of the Middlesex Regiment

Photos that show this Place


1st Battalion The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders were based in Hong Kong 1951 - 1952.

On their website  they show three photos of Badge Hill: & 2 & 3


Hi all!

I was wondering if anyone had high-resolution pictures of Cap Badge Hill? I am trying to identify each regiment badge, as well as when the structures were laid down

The Queen’s Royal Surrey Regiment`website reports on the duty in Hong Kong starting in 1927.

The website refers:

.....This training took place in Sun Wai Camp in the north of the New Territories, and in the surrounding hills a very large Paschal Lamb cap badge was painted. Unfortunately this did not survive the Japanese Occupation from 1941 to 1945. 

A photo is shown on the website.