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British Military Badges Rock Painting in the New Territories [????- ]

Dear Mr Gwulo Sir, and to all readers

good moring, I wounder if anone can help me to find any British Badges Rock Paining in HK, because we have a group of pepole would like to re-build or re-pain those paining like the one in here, many thanks, cheeers mate!,114.1524173/@22.5147054,114.1508952,794m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x340409f7a6840425:0x38f562f5779ec44d!2m2!1d114.1578673!2d22.5092893!1m0!3e0!6m3!1i0!2i1!3i0?hl=zh-TW

Photos that show this place



If you can find old photos of San Wai Camp, they often show the badges.

80skid previously found this view from the 1920s:

Here's another view from 1951:

From this regimental history:

Please let us know if you find any more.

Regards, David

There are still traces of a very faint one on the side of Tai Shek mo in Ho Sheung Heung.

This aerial picture from 1976 shows a chalked/stone insignia.

Ho Sheung Heung Aerial Photo 1976

And if you use your imagination a little bit, you can still make out parts on this ground level shot taken a couple of years ago.

Tai Shek Mo 2012

thank you very very much, those are precious information, I will look into it, and will take some pictures when I get there, cheers mate!

thank you very very much, I will certainly look into it, thank you for showing me the updated pictures, cheers