"The Bluff" on Gough Hill Road The Peak RBL 25 - Circa 1971 | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

"The Bluff" on Gough Hill Road The Peak RBL 25 - Circa 1971

"The Bluff" on Gough Hill Road The Peak  RBL 25 - Circa 1971

I believe in 1971 when I took this photo that "The Bluff" (RBL 25) was The West German Consulate. It was just up Gough Hill Rd from Lysholt, The Chief Justice's House, and Clavadel where my family lived from 1970 through 1973.

It is now "under" the 28 Gough Hill Road development, completed in 2004, which is described as a "Prestigious development located on the Peak with 6 detached house units" by Carrot Home who were responsible for the Home Automation at that development. 

The only house of the 3 still standing in it's early 70's form is Lysholt... I think. Cheers, Graham.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, January 1, 1971


Nice photo.

I worked as project manager on the redevelopment of the bluff site back in 2004. I never saw the original house, but was intigued what it might have looked like. So thanks.

Around Nov or Dec of 2004, SCMP published a historical photo showing a similar angle, but taken around 1910 or so I seem to recall.

I did keep it but no idea where i put it. Wonder if we could find that again online somewhere? It was really clear, and hardly a tree to be seen on the peak at that time.

Anyway I loved rambling around the peak during my lunchbreak and trying to spot the original old houses - generally identifiable because they have chimneys!

I also found a brown earthenware beer bottle buried on site, stamped Dundas potteries or something...I googled it and was able to date the bottle to around 1870-90 period.  So perhaps some early scottish settler enjoyed a tipple up there in his day! I left the bottle in the site office when we finished the new project. Wish I had kept it.

Putting the roof tiles on the new houses or sitting in the tower crane, and taking in the view over the southside of the island was just spectacular...

I have some pics taken from the crane overlooking the new development I will try and post later.

Rgds Julian

Hi Julian,

I often wonder where all the old Victorian-era rubbish tips are. There should be all sorts of interesting bottles & jars to uncover.

Let us know if you run into any problems posting the photos.

regards, David

I grew up next to 28 Gough Hill Road in the neighboring compound on Severn Road. We used to sneak into the West German Consulate and made free use of the woods around it as our 'base'. I did not see any Victorian rubbish tips, although that would have been a fine place for it. It was a complete privilege growing up there, less for any luxury (the building we were in was brand new, since demolished, and already on the verge of collapse in '86) than for the amazing space and view the south side of the Peak gave us. The West German Consulate was surrounded by standing catseyes on Gough Hill Road and elephant ear.