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Bank of Canton opens tomorrow

Bank of Canton opens tomorrow

From pages 12 and 6 of The Hong Kong Telegraph, 1924-07-11, viewable online at the HK Public Library website.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, July 11, 1924


Any idea where this building once stood?



It was on Des Voeux Road Central, next to the Chartered Bank building.  The site is now part of the building "9 Queen's Road Central".

'Places' are a good place to look for more information about a building you see in a photo.

If you look at the 'Places shown in this photo' section above, you'll see a link to 'Bank of Canton'. Click that and you'll go to a new page with more information about the building. It includes a map showing its location, and some other photos we have that show the building.

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Ice House Street looking at the main entrance of the Bank of Canton.

1940 Bank of Canton