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Sha Tin Roadhouse

Sha Tin Roadhouse

You may like to see this old menu from Sha Tin Roadhouse 1955. Note the prices!


Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, January 1, 1955


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I would say it was expensive back then.  I don't know about the 1950's, but back in the 1960's, most of the locals were just earning a few hundred dollars (towards the lower end) a month.

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this was the dairy farm!!

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We've been looking for more information about this for ages!

Any chance you know where it was located? Here's my guess at where '9 miles point' was located, but it would be great if you can confirm.

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The Shatin Roadhouse is located half way between SaiLum Jia and LungWah Hotel. The restaurant sat next to the water front on the road side. Railway track was on the other side where is the Sheung Wo Char Village. 

There is Shell gas station on the north end of the garden dining area, further down was the toilet.

Restaurant commenced business 1950, menu were more westernized which drew a lot of western patrons. During  early '50, English soldiers from HoTungLau garrison camp always filled up the restaurant Thursday evening after they recieved their pay check. 

I may be able to post some photos later. 

Hi Fred, Thanks for the extra information. Please could you take a look at the map (, and see if we've got the marker in about the right place?

I'll look forward to seeing your photos. Let us know if you have any trouble posting them.

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i cannot identify the location looking at the map as I cannot relate to the existing ladscape due to changes in the many years i will post a arieal photo of the photo of the shatin roadhouse in the late 50s. i will also post more photos of shatin roadhouse in about a week.

sry about the large photo 

This an aerial photo of early '50 showing The Shatin Roadhouse .
On the left of photo, it shows a small bridge at the curve where the bus is. The little  bridge is the outlet of a creek 
ran down from 西林寺。siylumji temple 
On the top half of the photo , that is Sheung Wo  Chai Village.

the temple should be a few hundred yards beyond the curve on the photo 

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Suggest to locate 萬佛寺 (The Ten Thousand Budda Monastery) at around 22.38740N. 114.18480E and follow the curvy path down hill.  

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Thanks for the comment, please see comment posted next to the photo.


Hi Fred - Yea... I was one of the 'soldiers' frequenting the Shatin Road House in the early 1950's ! Favourite not shown on the menu was their waffles with maple syrup - perhaps all we could afford on National Service pay. Was based near the adjacent airstrip flying reconnaisance Austers, now long gone.

Harry, we've also got a couple of photos of the airstrip at:

If you can add any photos of this area, we'd love to see them. (Here's how to add a photo:

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Afternoon Break at Shatin Roadhouse -  1953

Three members of 24 Troop Royal Signals ( Sham Shui Po ) have an afternoon break at The Shatin Road House -1953/54.

I remember stopping by the Shatin Road House, and I will upload a few photos later on with ex-Stanley Camp people. Photos I took was in the early 1950s.



I remember the Shatin Roadhouse in the mid-50's when living on Kowloon-side. As a child on many Sundays, particularly in the winter, my parents would take my brother & I for a drive to the New Territories with an ice cream at the Roadhouse.