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Union Church - Staunton Street

Union Church - Staunton Street

Not only Union Church, 2 other churches can be identified in this photo.


Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, January 1, 1880


HF, that's another lovely photo, thanks for sharing.

Apart from Union Church, I can see the tower of St John's cathedral in the distance. Which is the other church we can see?

Also, any idea what the building in lower right corner was?

Regards, David

David, could you see the twin towers?



I've added it to the 'Places shown:' for this photo.

Thanks, David

very similar to the two towers in this photo: http://gwulo.com/node/5319

Does anybody know of any other buildings like that? I suspect it won't be these given the huge difference in the amount of land to the harbour front in both photos.

Unfortunately the R.C. Cathedral and its towers were demolished in the 1880's, so that's not the one in the Suzy Wong still. I still don't have any idea which one it was though.

This is a great photo, I have posted an annotated version here. An almost identical version of this picture (taken from a slightly different vantage on the roof of Woodlands Terrace) was sold by Christie's as part of a John Thomson Album 

View Looking east from Upper Woodlands Terrace in Mid-Levels
View Looking east from Upper Woodlands Terrace in Mid-Levels, by John Thomason