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1945 Wanchai

1945 Wanchai

Received by email:

Here is a photo of bomb-scarred western end of Wanchai taken in 1945. The two major buildings on the waterfront (i.e. Gloucester Rd) are the former China Fleet Club on the cormer with Arsenal St and the Sailors' Home and Missions to Seamen on the corner with Fenwick St. The Chinese Methodist Church at the junction of Hennessy and Johnston Rd is in the centre of the photo.

What a bleak view of Wanchai, no sign of people or transportation. Was the photo taken during a bombing raid, sending everyone to find cover?

Many of the photos we see are of the 1950s, showing a bustling Hong Kong. It's hard to imagine how quickly things would change from the time this photo was taken.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, January 1, 1945