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Fenwick Street [c.1928- ]

Current condition: 
In use
Date Place completed: 
c.1928-01-01 (Year, Day are approximate)

Named after

George Fenwick (died 1896), who owned a shipyard at Johnston Road near Ship Street. The shipyard had to close when the tram was built in 1904.


Fenwick Street is a street in Wan Chai with a length of about 450 metres.


  • ca.1928: The first part of Fenwick Street was built during the 1920s Wanchai Reclamation (Praya East Reclamation Scheme), starting at Johnston Road (this was the waterfront before reclamation) to Gloucester Road (waterfront after reclamation). At Gloucester Road (at the end of Fenwick Street) Fenwick Pier [1929-1968] was built.
  • ca. 1970: During the next reclamation phase between 1965 and 1972, the street was extended to Harbour Road. A new pier [ca. 1970-ca.2014] was built at the extension of Fenwick Road that was named Fenwick Pier Road.
  • ca. 1980: Fenwick Street was cut into two pieces by Gloucester Road, impassable for cars. Pedestrians can take an elevated walkway to cross. This was done about 1980 when Gloucester Road was widened for the increasing traffic through the Harbour Tunnel.

Other points of interest: In the 1960's to the end of the 1980's, Fenwick Street was renowned for it's bars.

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