70 years ago: Hong Kong's wartime diaries

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  • 25 Nov 1944, Chronology of Events Related to Stanley Civilian Internment Camp

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    Sat, 25 Nov 1944

    Commissioner of Police J. Pennefather-Evans is a fervent Christian and member of the Oxford Group ((later Moral Rearmament, now Initiatives For Change)). He's been approaching his police officers to try to persuade them to attend Group meetings. In his diary for today George Wright-Nooth records that recently he appeared to have been successful as five of the police turned up at a meeting. One of them became very emotional and began to confess his past sins 'with vivid descriptive detail'. Pennefather-Evans eventually jumped up and ordered the man to stop.

    Wright-Nooth suspects a 'leg-pull'. He stresses that he personally always found the Commissioner a 'very fair and decent man'.


    George Wright-Nooth, Prisoner Of The Turnip Heads, 1994, 198

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