John Arthur STERICKER [1908-1989]

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John Arthur
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Penmouth, Cornwall
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DoB from John Black's list, who gives Stericker's occupation in 1941 as "Tobacco Inspector".

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Passenger List Liverpool to Hong Kong Deptember 1946

John Arthur Stericker 38 Tobacco Manufacturer UK Address Hembal, Trewoon, St. Austell Cornwall

Country of Intended Future  Permanent Residence Hong Kong

Foreign and Overseas Records

John Arthur Stericker bachelor age 27 married 25 January 1936 in Shantung to Margaret Roy (sic) Eckford

Marriage 1969 St Austell Cornwall Stericker 

John A Stericker to Daphne D Buckley (1913 - 1999)

Truro, Cornwall Unitary Authority, Cornwall, England Penmount Crematorium 

John Arthur Stericker born 14 September 1908 died 29 January 1989 in Penmouth Cornwall

Find a Grave Penmount Craematorium Truro Cornwall

John Arthur Stericker 14 September 1908 -  29 January 1989 

Ancestry Tree

John Arthur Stericker born 14 Sep 1908 Hamilton, Bermuda


This is probably  the John Stericker who, with his wife Veronica,  produced and privately published  'Hong Kong in Picture and Story' in 1954. In the introduction, they refer to a 'vast collection of photographic data on Hong Kong', so somewhere there maybe more than the 100 photos printed in the book.  The book seems to have had at least three impressions with a total printing of 6000 copies.

I have a pristine copy of this book. It says it was "Published by the Authors and Printed in Photogravure by TAI WAH PRESS & CO LTD, HK, 1953". It contains a lot of interesting commentaries for nearly all the photos and finally a section "Something about Photography", a guide to better shooting maybe!?