Treverbyn (RBL 78) [????-c.1924]

Submitted by David on Mon, 02/01/2010 - 18:23
Current condition
Demolished / No longer exists
Date closed / demolished
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Here are some resources for researching buildings, in case you haven't already seen them:

You can track other residents via the Directory & Chronicle, eg this Google search

If you could make a page for Mr Tomkins (, it's aleays good to learn more about residents of old Hong Kong.

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The 1923 PWD Report (Page Q79, Para.120(c) ) talks about the construction of Stubbs Road and states, " at the close of the year...some filling in near Treverbyn remained to be done", indicating that it was still standing by 1st January 1924. However, the following years Report states, "a commencement was made with the 24 European flats on RBL 78...but work was suspended from the begining of October to the end of the year" (1924 PWD Report, Page Q41, Para.42). The "European flats" in question were "Peak Mansions" which replaced "Treverbyn" on RBL 78.

The first thing to do on commencement of the new build must surely have been the demolition of the old building. Therefore demolition date should be sometime between January and October 1924. Corrections welcome.