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Norwegian War Time Committee [c.1941-c.1945]

The Norwegian War Time Committee

The Norwegian War Time Committee was set up shortly after the surrender and during the early Japanese occupation of Hong Kong. Their mission was to provide help and assitance to the Norwegian community in Hong Kong as Norwegians were given status as third nationals and semi-enemies and not permitted to leave the territory by the Japanese.

MacPherson-Brooks Wedding 1943, Stanley Prison Camp, police

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The Wedding of Doris Brooks and Duncan MacPherson (Sgt in HK Police) in Stanley Internment Camp, Hong Kong, on 9th June 1943 during WWII.  The mother of Doris, Emily Brooks, and her brother, Roland (Ron) Brooks, were also interned in the camp. It was also the birthday of Ron Brooks.

Ma Tau Chung Refugee then POW Camp / Ma Tau Wai internment camp [????-????]

As we've just added a place for the Argyle Street camp, here's one for the Ma Tau Chung (also spelled Chong) camp, which was just across the road.

Again, Tony Banham's books and website are the best reference on the subject. On the website he writes:

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