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Olof JAKOBSSON (aka Ola/Olaf Olson or Olsson) [1839-1880]

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Known as Olof Olson in Hong Kong, he followed his elder brother, John Olson to the colony and became manager of the National Hotel in around 1879, taking over that responsibility when John wanted to retire. The Olson family has so far not discovered when Olof arrived in Hong Kong, except that it was later than his younger brother, Anders. He apparently had no issue and nothing is known about his relationships. Nor is the cause of his death known.

National Hotel [????-????]

Submitted by David on Mon, 01/15/2018 - 21:34

There are mentions of John Olson at the National Hotel in the newspaper reports of Annual Licensing sessions:

6 Nov 1878. Renewals of their licenses were granted to all the other applicants, namely, [...]Stag Hotel, Jessie Cook; [...] National Hotel, John Olson; [...]. HK Daily Press.

2 Nov 1880. John Olsen, "National Hotel;" has held a license for 14 years; unopposed ; granted.
The China Mail.

The Hong Kong Legacy

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If anybody is interested I thought I should mention that I am taking The Hong Kong Legacy down from the web very shortly. Unfortunately it has failed to illicit any leads to my Chinese great grandmother who was known as Ching Ah Fung so I see no usefullness in leaving it there. I have posted all the pictures of that time -late 19th and early 20th Century from my family archive - on Gwulo and hope they will be of interest to some.

John OLSON [1879-1879]

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To avoid confusion with the other John Olsons, this was the first son of John Olson snr. and my great-grandmother. Her name is given as Yau Kum on the birth certificate of my grandmother, Hannah Mabel Olson, John Olson’s second child by her. (He had changed his name from Jakobsson to Olson at the time of his son’s birth.) The gravestone inscription, which is very worn, reads “Sacred to the Memory of JOHN, infant son of J. and Y. Olson.

33 Caine Road (1900s) [????- ]

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This was on the north corner of the Peel Street / Caine Road junction. Jill Fell notes that several of her and Sean Olson's ancestors lived here in the 1900s. The following names and addresses were copied by Jill's father’s nephew, Brian Lewis, from the South China Directory, vols. 1904-1906, lodged at the British Library:

Mrs Olson 33 Caine Road; Miss L Olson 33 Caine Road; Mrs C E Warren 33 Caine Road.

Yuet-Keung KAN (aka 簡悅強) [1913-2012]

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I wonder if anybody can help me in tracking down family or relations of the late Sir Yuet Keung Kan who died recently? I am advised that his family may be able to help me in finding the son and daughter of the late Sir CY Kwan.

I am still making efforts to track down the family of my great grandmother Ching Ah Fung who died in 1915 and it is possible the son and daughter of Sir CY Kwan may be able to give me a lead.

Many thanks,

Sean Olson

Stag Hotel [????-????]

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Copied from http://gwulo.com/node/7242

Actually the Stag Hotel crops up a few times in my book (pages 44, 55, 76 and 91).

The owner from 1878 was Jesse Cook, who took it over from old Soldier John Robinson White, a veteran of the Crimean War and Indian Mutiny, who went bankrupt that year. Cook renovated it and raised a family there through the 1880s, when it became a popular venue for international billiards tournaments.