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Photos tagged "aerial photographs"

1910s Mount Austin Barracks

1920s Causeway Bay

Whampoa Dock 1920

Aerial photo ref: H25.18

Aberdeen aerial view 1924

Hong Kong from above 1924

94 years old HIGH-Resolution areal picture of Cheung Chau from 25 November 1924

c.1927 Aerial view of TST

1927 Sham Shui Po Barracks/Camp

Hankow Road Houses 1927

1927 Cameron Road - Temporary Quarters for RAF Airmen

1930s Kowloon Wharves

1930s Kai Tak Airfield

1930s Ship dock air view

1930s Holts Wharf at TST

1930s Tsim Sha Tsui KCR station, YMCA and Peninsula Hotel

1930s Aerial view over Statue Square

Peninsula Hotel 1930.JPG

Hankow Road Houses 1930

1931 Aerial view of TST

Central from Peak c.1931

1931 Aerial view of Happy Valley & Bowrington

HKU from the air, taken by Kenneth, Jan 1933

1934 Over Aberdeen

1935 Over Statue Square

Kowloon Wharves 1935

Planes in Flight over Admiralty

1930s TST and Hung Hom

Chatham Road reclamation

1935 Over Central Victoria Harbour

Shaukiwan 1935

1935 Over Happy Valley Racecourse

Central District 1935

Chatham Road reclamation-Tsim Sha Tsui central area 1935

1935 Aircraft RAF 803 Squadron, over Kowloon, Hong Kong

Repulse Bay Hotel plus EUCLIFFE mansion-aerial-1935

Repulse Bay Hotel- aerial-1935

Happy Valley race course-Jubilee Parade-aerial-1935

Island House Tai Po-1930s

1937 Central British School / King George V School

16 Feb 1939 TSAT TSZ MUI North Point HK.jpg

Seven Sisters 16 Feb 1939.jpg

Tai Hang Road

Seven Sisters 16 Feb 1939.jpg

1940s Garden Road

1940s Aerial view of Causeway Bay

Queen Mary Hospital

Kai Tak airport area

Kai Tak airfield under Japanese control

Hong Kong harbour 1944 or 45

1945 Wanchai

Air Raid 1945-01-16 (3)

1945 Kai Tak Airport - Aerial View

1945 Kowloon

kowloon dockyard 1945

c.1945 Kowloon

c.1945 Kowloon (detail)

Hong Kong from the air, 1945

Aerial View of Kowloon Peninsula 1945

1946 Over Hunghom

Temporary buildings in Statue Square-June 1946

Happy Valley 1947


Aerial view of Happy Valley


Central District & slopes beyond-1949

Hong Kong Island-1948

Kowloon Hung Hom from the air 1949

Wartime Cooking Area H

Wartime Cooking Area E

The Peak 1949

Access to Star Ferry 1949/1959

Naval Dockyard-1949

TST aerial view 1949-06-17

aerial view 1949-06-17 details

pic of shatin roadhouse

Kennedy Town Gasholder_1950

1950 HK aerial view1

1950s Tsim Sha Tsui and Star Ferry

RAF Sek Kong Airfield, early 1950s

1950 HK aerial view2

1950s Aerial view of Causeway Bay and Leighton Hill

RAF Sek Kong Airfield, early 1950s

1950 HK aerial view 3

Aerial View of City looking east

Sheung Wan waterfront-aerial view-1950

North Point-aerial view-1950.jpg


Aerial view Kowloon/TST

1950s Causeway Bay

Wellington and Victoria Barracks 1952

1950s Kai Tak (long shot)


Cape D' Aguilar and Stanley-1953

Kai Tak airport area

1950s Kowloon Tong Aerial View

Kai Tak

Kowloon Dockyards

1950s Taikoo Dockyard

1955 Hung Hom, Kowloon Bay Aerial View

Tsuen Wan in 1955

Kowloon peninsula from the air-1955

1956 Approaching Kaitak

1956 TST Airview

Belcher's Gardens.jpg

1956 Kwun Tong view

Aerial of Sai Ying Pun 1950s

Over Aberdeen.

Landing at Kai Tak.j

1958 Sai Yung Pun Waterfront

Over Central.

Aerial view of Kai Tak

1960s: The next Wanchai reclamation begins

Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club

TST in the mid 1960s

Aerial View of TST c1960

九龍東二號炮台 Kowloon East II Battery ,紅磡 Hung Hom

Timeline (Kowloon) Government Dockyard 1949-1973

Aerial View of Kam Tin 1960s (HKU Images)

Kotewall Road-1961

1961 Kowloon Sham Shui Po and Cheung Sha Wan air view

1960s City Hall Construction

1961 RAF Sek Kong

Tidal basin 1962

Conduit Road-1962

Hung Hom Piers 1963

Tai Po aerial circa 1963

The Hong Kong and Whampoa Dock Co Ltd = 香港黃埔船塢有限公司1963

Gillies Ave pier aerial view 1963

Hong Kong Correspondents Club 00.jpg

Detail of Hollywood Road in Feb 1963 Showing Central Theatre

Morrison Hill Aerial

Lamma 1963 Aerial Mo Tat village

Aerial view of Tsuen Wan

1963 Central Aerial View

Old_Hong_Kong - Town Gas north & south gas plant in 1964 [煤氣馬頭角南廠及北廠]

1964 Kowloon Tong

Central 1964

Possible Rose Garden Hotel

Cherry Hill Lodge-Homantin Hill Road

Shatin Roadhouse-location aerial view 1964

Hung Hom Ferry Piers aerial view 1964

Tai O-Lantau Island-1

Tai O-Lantau Island-2

Junk Bay ship breakers 5.jpg

Junk Bay ship breakers 4.jpg

Alhambra and Kln CPO.jpg

Gascoigne Rd.jpg

Do South & Gacoigne Rd.jpg

Eastern New Territories? but where?-now identified as Sai Wan Beach

1968 Aerial view of Kennedy Town

1968 Looking northwest to Wah Fu Estate

Tsim Sha Tsui East circa 1969

Aerial view of Tai Tam, circa 1970

Hong Kong United Dockyards


1970 Lai Chi Kok from the air

TST Aerial View

Tsing Yi Power Station (1970's)

1970s Taikoo Dockyard

1970 Approaching Kaitak

1970 Over North Kowloon

1971 Over Central Kowloon - Landing Kai Tak 2

1971 Over Central Kowloon - Landing Kai Tak 4

1971 Over Central Kowloon - Landing Kai Tak 1

1971 Over Central Kowloon - Landing Kai Tak 5

1971 Over Central Kowloon - Landing Kai Tak 3


Breamar Hill 1972 - 1.jpeg

1972 Po Shan Road landslide / Kotewall Road disaster

Tsim Sha Tsui-vertical aerial view

Tuen Mun from the air 1972

1973 Aerial View of Tai Tam

1973 North Point

Kowloon-New World Centre-construction-aerial-1973

High Island Reservior construction

Hong Kong, Wah Fu Estate, Government Low Cost House

Approaching Kowloon 1974

1970s Stonecutters Island

Kowloon from the air



Hung Hom from the air

Hung Hom

Rambler Channel

Lok On Pai desalting plant-Sui Lam

Tai Pak floating restaurant, Castle Peak-1975

Ho Sheung Heung Aerial Photo 1976

1979 - flying into Kai Tak Airport

1979 - flying into Kai Tak Airport

Shatin-New Town-3

Tsim Sha Tsui May 1979

Tsim Sha Tsui East-May 1979

Tsim Sha Tsui-May 1979

Tsim Sha Tsui East-May 1979

Tsim Sha Tsui-May 1979

Tsim Sha Tsui East-May 1979

Shatin-New Town-4

Shatin-New Town-1

Fanling-New Town

Shatin-New Town-2

Turntable-Tsim Sha Tsui East

Taipo-New Town

Departure from Kai Tak (4)

Approaching Kai Tak 1979 (5)

Approaching Kai Tak 1979 (1)

Approaching Kai Tak 1979 (6)

Departure from Kai Tak (1)

Approaching Kai Tak 1979 (2)

Departure from Kai Tak (3)

Approaching Kai Tak 1979 (4)

1981 Wah Fu, Hong Kong's largest public estate

Hammerhead Crane (Demolition) Timeline


Tsuen Wan West

Green Island typhoon victims

Cheung Chau Island typhoon victim

1980s Kai Tak Airport and HAECO

Aerial view of Aberdeen mid 1980s

Repulse Bay-Breakfast by the pool, Sir?

A bird's eye view of high rise development around Statue Square = 從高處俯瞰皇后像廣場一帶的發展1986


Quarry Bay Gas Holder 1980's

1986 - helicopter view of Yacht Club

Hung Hom peninsula & Piers

Kowloon Walled City - aerial view

Kennedy Town from the air

Hong-Kong Kai-Tak airport

Broadwood Road late nineties.jpg

Ju52-passing-Tuen-Mun-Butterfly Estates

Junction of Severn & Plantation Roads 2000

Junction of Severn & Plantation Roads 2006

Plover Cove Reservoir from a plane

Kai Tak airport area

Just after take-off

Harcourt Road

Ping Shan 9th December 2014 JPEG.jpg

2017 - Leaving Hong Kong (Tuen Mun)

Sai Kung Aerial View

Rambler Channel aerial view 2017

Mong Kok, Sham Shui Po and Kai Tak - Aerial early 1950s

Remains of Royal Naval Hospital,

Aerial view of Central

Large Mansion above North Point.jpg

Third St No 103, Hong Kong

Aerial view of Central

Mystery Rock, Aerial view

Aerial photos:Hong Kong from above

YauMaTei-Aerial  油麻地.jpg
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