Hong Kong from above 1924

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 21:33

An overview of Hong Kong Island in November 1924. Directly below is what is now the Wah Fu estates area. In the far distance Kai Tak is still being reclaimed. The RAF aircraft involved in taking this image arrived and departed by one of the first Aircraft Carriers, HMS Pegasus. Not a conventional flat-deck carrier, but one where aircraft with floats were off loaded by a crane into the water. IDJ 

Date picture taken
1 Nov 1924


I think the aircraft was over today's Wah Fu when it took this photo: The center of the photo shows Mount Kellett. The path to its right runs along the ridge below the Matilda Hospital (it's a very clear path in this photo, but much harder to see these days). The path to its left runs down the ridge towards today's Chi Fu, and just beyond that ridge we can see the Pok Fu Lam reservoir.

Coincidentally I was hiking along this hillside last week. It's all much more overgrown now.

These aerial photos are an interesting set - thanks very much for posting them.

Regards, David