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Boundary Marker at HK Cemetery

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I've not seen this posted before - located close to Stubbs Road entrance of the Colonial Cemetery.

Paul KUPFER [1842-1881]

Cause of death: 
Ill health ('signs of heart disease')

Paul Kupfer was the Kapitän zur See of Freya. His grave is also included in Patricia Lim's book and its location is in Section 8. According to Hong Kong Telegraph, his funeral procession was descibed to be 'the largest and most imposing service spectacle witnessed in Hongkong since the funeral of the late Lieutanant O'Geran of the 80th regiment in November, 1874' [1]. Flags at the German Consulate, German companies and vessles were at half-mast. [2] 'Nearly the whole of the German residents in the colony' were present at the procession. [3]

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Masonic burials

In her book “Forgotten Souls. A Social History of the Hong Kong Cemetery”, Patricia Lim devotes a whole chapter to the History of the Free Masons in Hong Kong. She reckons that about eighty headstones in the cemetery carry the masonic symbol of compasses and set square. She includes a description of a masonic funeral as follows:

Iron Gate at Hong Kong Cemetery in Happy Valley

Hello! Does anyone know what year the iron gate on Stubbs Road that leads into Hong Kong Cemetery was built? I'm sorry I don't have a picture yet, but I'll try to find the time to take one next week. I have enquired at the Hong Kong Cemetery and the HK Museum of History, but no one knows. There is no date marked on the gate either. I would be so grateful to find out! Thanks in advance!  

W Redwood's grave.jpg

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This photograph of the grave of William Redwood, father of Olive, Barbara and Mabel and husband of Mabel Winifred Redwood has been kindly sent for posting on Gwulo by Barbara Anslow. It was taken shortly after the grave's erection in the Hong Kong Cemetery in July 1940. See also "Letter from Dad" http://gwulo.com/atom/21884 written to his wife and daughters by William Redwood three days before his death.


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