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Photos tagged "BOAC"

BOAC Air Hostess-1949

BOAC Air or Ground Hostess-1949

BOAC half-bus to Kai Tak from the Peninsula Hotel

1949 BOAC Argonaut

1949 Argonaut - BOAC News Letter

1950s BOAC Argonaut

Children arriving at Kai Tak on BOAC, July 1954

1950s Hankow Road


RAF Kai Tak

BOAC Argonaut

BOAC Bar Service reverse.

BOAC Argonaut leaflet b.jpg

BOAC leaflet i.

BOAC leaflet a.

BOAC leaflet b.

BOAC leaflet c.

BOAC Bar Service.

Argonaut interior. a.

BOAC leaflet d.

BOAC leaflet j.

BOAC leaflet k.

BOAC leaflet l.

BOAC Menu.

BOAC Argonaut leaflet a.

BOAC leaflet h.

Flight baggage label

BOAC leaflet e.

BOAC leaflet f.

BOAC leaflet g.

x BOAC ticket.

x Britannia and drink list.

1960s Kai Tak Airport

Kaitak Airport BOAC 707.jpg

BOAC Argonaut brochure

BOAC Argonaut brochure
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