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Date picture taken (to nearest decade for older photos): 

Middle Road Children's Playground [1932-????]

Date Place completed: 
c.1932-01-01 (Month, Day are approximate)

I'm not exactly sure of its layout, but photos from the 1930s show an open patch of land bounded by Nathan, Salisbury, Chatham & Middle Roads.

12 Sep 2018 Update: Moddsey notes in the comments below that the playground was the eastern section of the land. I've updated the marker and outline.

Hospital Gardens & Recreation Ground / King George V Park [c.1880- ]

Date Place completed: 
c.1880-01-01 (Year, Month, Day are approximate)

Chater Garden [1978- ]

Date Place completed: 

Built on the site of the old cricket pitch.

The garden was opened on 20th October 1978, as shown on a plaque at the site.

Previous place(s) at this location: 

Blake Garden [????- ]


Swimming canal near Hong Kong

Date picture taken (to nearest decade for older photos): 

I believe this photo is at a location near Hong Kong. My grandfather had a farm or what was referred to as a "farm" near this place. I have other photos showing a large body of water, maybe a bay of some sort, and others showing thatched dwellings such as can be sen in the background of this picture. I am thinking now maybe it was near Tai Tam Valley as there is a similar canal stucture in one photo I saw on Gwulo. I am hoping someone may have a better idea of where this was taken.

Choi Sai Woo Park [????- ]

Built on the site of the old reservoir.

Wikipedia has notes about it.

Previous place(s) at this location: 

West End Park [1898- ]

Date Place completed: 
c.1898-01-01 (Month, Day are approximate)

Some notes on this place here.


Inspiration Lake, playground & park [????- ]

Date Place demolished: 

Last weekend some friends drove us and the girls out to Inspiration Lake. There's grass, and ... you're allowed to play on it! Quite a rarity for Hong Kong.

The car park for the lake is tiny, just 23 spaces. So while we were dropped off, our friend queued up until enough people left that he could get a space.

The area is part of the Disney development, but you don't need to pay to get in. There's a small 7-11 by the car park, but that's all in terms of shops.

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