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Inspiration Lake, playground & park [????- ]

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Last weekend some friends drove us and the girls out to Inspiration Lake. There's grass, and ... you're allowed to play on it! Quite a rarity for Hong Kong.

The car park for the lake is tiny, just 23 spaces. So while we were dropped off, our friend queued up until enough people left that he could get a space.

The area is part of the Disney development, but you don't need to pay to get in. There's a small 7-11 by the car park, but that's all in terms of shops.

Just across from the 7-11 is a children's playground, with equipment similar to other public playgrounds around Hong Kong. There's also a little water feature, with baby fountains that turn on and off at random. Younger children have a lot of fun playing with them, and I see some families had come prepared, with children wearing swimming costumes. I had an unexpected squirt up my shorts when I was crouching down to take a photo - you have been warned!

The main area is the lake, with a walking track and parkland around the edge. It's a nice walk, or there are a few bicycles and pedal boats to rent if you prefer.

On either side of the path are grassy areas, and several people had brought picnics. But the best grassy area is over the opposite side of the lake. There you'll see the path runs under the highway, and opens out into a large grassy space on the other side. There are some trees for shade, and a 'bandstand' too.

Has anyone managed to get there by public transport? What's the easiest way?


It is opened in 2005 alonged with Hong Kong Disneyland Resort