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Da Peng Walled City, Shenzhen [1394- ]

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I have been there back in the 1980's, before the Nuke Farm in Daya Bay was commissioned.  The tour back then included going to the boundary of Daya Bay to take a look at the Nuke Site from afar.

Don't know how was the area developed now but based on Google Earth with photos a few years old, it appeared the walled city is in good condition.

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Tung Lung Chau Fort [1724- ]

Fan Lau Fort [1729- ]

Tung Chung Battery [1817- ]

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Just two photos of the Battery.  The Battery is just about 15-20 minutes on foot from the MTR terminus.

Kwun Chung Fort 1839, Kowloon - Suggested location [????- ]


     On reading accounts of Kwun Chung Fort, it's placement was said to be within the boundaries of Jordan Rd. to the north and Austin Rd. to the south on a ridge.


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