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Shek Lung Kung Beacon.  Photo taken on 13th May 2015.

Sacred Hill (Castle Peak) Beacon 聖山墩臺 [????- ]

The marker is marked based on the GPS coordinates of the Trigoman's Castle Peak 517m Trigo Station.  If there are errors they are entirely mine.   Thanks should be made to JW and his gang for the location and theory of this site, together with the Shek Lung Kung site.

The location is documented in 新安縣誌﹐ and some other documents.  The discussions of JW and his gang concerning this Beacon and others could be located here.   The discussions are generally in Chinese.

Wong Chuk Kok beacon

Date picture taken (to nearest decade for older photos): 

Beacon - Dawan (大灣墩臺) Possible location [????- ]

The location is a pure speculation based on the descriptions of the list of Beacons in the 

Beacon - Defu (疊福墩臺) possible location [????- ]

The location is a pure speculation based on the descriptions of the list of Beacons in the Peng Cheng Museum 鵬城博物館.  Would gladly be corrected by knowledgeable persons already been there.  I believe the location is possible because from Google Earth there appeared to be traces of a very wide path laid by big rocks right at a spur around 250m, overlooking Mirs Bay, just as what's been described by the Peng Cheng Museum.  It also mentioned the said beacon was in retangular shape, built by stones.

Beacon - Ma Jerk Leng (麻雀嶺墩臺) Wo Keng Shan summit (禾徑山) [????- ]

Location is approximate.  Will update the market if I have the chance for a site visit.  Google Earth showed a clear path upon its NE ridge.  As for the time being there are some photos and information in Chinese in Hong Kong Hiking Web, provided by JW and other fellow hikers.

Beacon - North Fat Tong (北佛堂墩臺) Tin Ha Shan (田下山) [????- ]

The location is approximate.  I will update the marker once I have visited it myself later, probably in May.  According to JW and other fellow hikers the trigonomatrical station was built right on top of the beacon, covering most of it.  Photos could be see under this link.  

Kowloon Battery (approximate location) [1811-????]

Date Place completed: 

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The location is approximate, using this photo and the information provided by  CEDD for cross reference.

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