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Memories of a Japanese Internment Camp

Margaret E. Jay describes her experiences in the Stanley Internment Camp during WWII in Hong Kong.



By Margaret E. Jay (Martin)

The Diary of Mrs Grace Smith - the blind lady of Stanley Internment Camp

This is part of the story of Mrs Grace Smith (John Anton-Smith's grandmother), a blind lady who was brought from the UK to Hong Kong to be looked after by her son, Raymond. He employed a lady known only as Chan, who became a devoted companion, to drive her around and otherwise see to her needs. John inherited this battered little diary, measuring only 6cm x 8cm, in which Grace, with the help of an unknown scribe, recounted various events during her time in Stanley Internment Camp.

Memories of my childhood years in Hong Kong, 1947-1951

In this week's newsletter, guest author Celia Hicks remembers her childhood years in Hong Kong. Celia has provided several family photos, and I've added in extra photos from the Gwulo website where they match the story.

I arrived in Hong Kong in 1947 as a six-year old with my mother Winifred Alice Collins and older sister Sheila on the troop ship Dunera to join my Dad who had been posted to HK by the Admiralty after the Japanese surrender. He had travelled out via Malta in 1946 and must have seen the devastation caused to the island by German bombing raids. Malta had been crucial in being a supply and repair location for the Allied war efforts. It has been said that Malta received more bombs than London suffered in the blitz. It survived, which is why its Government was presented with the George Cross by King George VI.

My father, George C. S. Collins, had travelled out on the aircraft carrier Ocean to become the Superintendent of Gyro Compasses for the Far East, based at the HK Dockyard. At that time, we had a large Navy as did the Americans.

HMS Ocean

HMS Ocean, by Celia Hicks


On arrival he joined other men at The Cecil Hotel where rats visited the rooms at night! Also

My Beautiful Island

Subtitle: "From England to New Zealand via Hong Kong and a War".

Featuring first-hand accounts of -

- Flying from England to Hong Kong in 1938 by Imperial Airways flying boat in 6 days,

- Working for Cyril (Ginger) Rogers of the Chinese Currency Stabilisation Fund,

- Expatriate life in Hong Kong 1938 - 1941 including yachting, climbing, parties,

Nostalgic Journey and Reflections

Part 1 My Childhood and Teen Years - Guangzhou and Hong Kong 

1.0 Preface

Tweed Bay Hospital

The following text is a copy of a chapter from my father’s, Dr. Harry Talbot, “Autobiographical Sketch” entitled “Tweed Bay Hospital” set up by the internees at Stanley Camp in Hong Kong during the Japanese occupation there.  it will give you, the reader, some background on the hospital.  His “Autobiographical Sketch” is copyrighted and is for the sole purpose of being read: nothing is to be used, copied and/or the like from it.  Thank you.

Tweed Bay Hospital

Flying from London to Hong Kong 3 January 1952

Here are the details of my father’s flight out to HK in January 1952.  I have taken the content straight from his letters.

Journey by Peter Halliwell from London to Hong Kong 3 January 1952, travelling in the BOAC Argonaut Amazon.

Day 1.


Edith Townsend's diary

My Aunt kept a diary on her journey back to Australia on the Indomitable , very interesting reading, but as it was  all written in pencil it is now very faded. The pages have been scanned, darkened on the computer, and posted below.

Click on any page and use the "Zoom" to enlarge it for easier reading.

A Small Band Of Men - An Englishman's Adventures in Hong Kong's Marine Police

Les Bird joined the Hong Kong Marine Police in 1976 during a period of rapid change in one of the British Empire’s few remaining colonies, and witnessed the last years of the hard-working, hard-drinking colonial policemen handing out rough justice in the World of Suzie Wong.

Recollections of Ted Harris 1941-1945

[Bob: I am in possession of a multi page document written by one of the younger Harris sons (Ted - his wartime memoirs written in 1997) which I am posting here. Ted's widow has given me permission to share Ted's memoirs.]


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