Victoria Junior School, Victoria Barracks [????-????]

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There is also a Facebook page with photos & memories of the school:

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Notes from Michael Parker:

Victoria Junior School was a Primary School for forces children.  It occupied a site near where the squash centre is now (not A Block, which I believe was Alexander Block).  After VJS closed in the late 80s it was taken over by Glenealy School for a few years.  My father was headmaster of Victoria Junior School from 1961 to 1969 and I was a pupil there myself in 1961.  We lived in Birdwood Block (B Block) which was almost next door.  There is a Facebook page for Victoria Junior School with some photos.  There was a gate next to the Peak Tram Station but we normally used the gate on the east side. 

My daughters attended Glenealy Junior School in the Barracks from 1984-88. I believe GJS took over the old VJS premises in 1982. After GJS left in 1988 they were demolished to make way for the Hong Kong Park Sports Centre.



The Glenealy Junior School magazine for 1988, 'Blast Off', has an interesting potted history of the school building.

1906 - Single storey 3 classroom + hall built after previous 'Murray Army School' was destroyed by typhoon.

1922 - Extra classroom built.

1942 to 45 - Used by the Japanese as a laundry manned by Indian POW.

1950s - 2nd storey added.

1957 - Infants separated off and moved to other premises in the Barracks.

1975? - All Army children moved across to Gun Club Hill Barracks in Kowloon.

? - Used by Causeway Bay Junior School for 2 years as temporary premises before relocating to Stubbs Road. CBJS renamed Bradbury Junior School.

1982 to 88 - Used by Glenealy Junior School as temporary premises.


My brother and I were students at VJS from 1964-1968, two of the smattering of Americans at the school.  Michael - I remember your father as someone I greatly respected but didn't fear.  Wonderful memories of my times there.  ~ Anita Gard