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Phil & Ans Beekmeijer waving off friends going on 'big leave', Hong Kong 1951

Charles Gesner van der Voort's friend Phil Beekmeijer lived in Hong Kong with his wife Ans Beekmeijer-Kroeze when this photo was taken. In this year, 1951, he had been awarded with the Dutch Bronze Cross, for his "very courageous and prudent acting" during the Battle of Arnhem, "in which he did not sleep for three days", his daughter Liesbeth adds. Proud of the honour of receiving the award, he wore the decoration, for the occasion of waving off friends for a 'big leave', which Holland-China Trading Company (HCHC) staff were entitled to after working abroad for four years.

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Paul Dutoit - any information?

I remember coming across this memorial plaque along Golden Hill Road a few years back and was wondering if anyone could shed any light on what it was doing here. My only knowledge of Paul Dutoit is that he was a Belgian racing driver in the early part of last century, but is this the same chap?

Paul Dutoit memorial

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Old Graves in Ping Shan New Territories


I'm looking for photos or other material taken in the Ping Shan of the New Territories before 1980. My family had an ancestral memorial (graves) there, within walking distance of Old Ping Shan police station. It was exhumed owing to the development of Hong Kong in the late 80's or so.

The location of the original site has been lost. I would like to collect more images and information of the surrounding area at the time, for the benefit of future generations.

Memorial Arch, Botanical Gardens [1928- ]

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Notes from Wikipedia:

At the southern entrance to the gardens, at Upper Albert Road, is a memorial arch dedicated to the Chinese who died assisting the Allies during the two World Wars. The inscription on the lintel reads: "In Memory of the Chinese who died loyal to the Allied cause in the Wars of 1914-1918 and 1939-1945". The granite arch in the shape of a paifang was erected in 1928. Reference to the Second World War was added later.

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