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Paul Dutoit - any information?

I remember coming across this memorial plaque along Golden Hill Road a few years back and was wondering if anyone could shed any light on what it was doing here. My only knowledge of Paul Dutoit is that he was a Belgian racing driver in the early part of last century, but is this the same chap?

Paul Dutoit memorial
Paul Dutoit memorial, by Philk

The plaque is fixed half way up the side of a cutting along Golden Hill Road - well out of reach of passersby - and I am assuming that this road once formed part of some sort of car race.

I'm grateful to any HK motorsports enthusiasts who can point me in the direction of more information.



It didn't take me long to find this page regading the Macau Grand Prix. It appears that Mr Dutoit was the Grand Prix's founder and was a Master at the DBS. However, his English heritage is noted and so I am assuming it is not the same person as the Belgian racer. Anyway, I would love to hear any further information if anyone has some. Also, why the plaque is in the location it is. Many thanks, Phil

I've created a Person place for him here in the hope that someone can flesh out his bio

Well the Motor Sports Club of Hong Kong still exists, so I guess contacting them would be a good place to start!

Other things Google turns up:

"He first became interested in the sport as a schoolboy at the Diocesan Boys' School in Kowloon where his history teacher was Paul Dutoit, founding father of the Macau Grand Prix."

"Swiss national Paul Dutoit"
(The FIA says "English born" which isn't the same thing as English national, although maybe it was in those days)

And MotorSportMagazine has many articles about one or other Paul Dutoit:

There is some information about the history of the Motor Sports Club of Hong Kong here.  Paul Detoit (or 'de Toit') appears to be a significant figure in the early days of the club.

It is unfortunate that 'the Club has been fairly inactive since the mid-eighties, mainly due to a shortage of suitable venues'.

Thanks guys. I guess the plaque is where it is because of the Golden Hill climb event then. Interesting stuff.