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The Peak Garage / Dairy Farm's Peak Depot [????-????]

Notes from Moddsey:

1946 Dairy Farm Annual Report (China Mail 27 June 1947 refers)

The Peak Garage premises were acquired from the Hong Kong Land Investment Agency & Co. Ltd in February 1946 and following rehabilitation were re-opened on 1 June 1947.

The Netherlands India Commercial Bank Building, 16 Des Voeux Rd C. [1906-c.1930]

Date Place completed: 
c.1906-01-01 (Month, Day are approximate)
Date Place demolished: 
c.1930-01-01 (Year, Month, Day are approximate)

Site of of old Dent & Co 2nd Generation offices

In 1903 HK Land acquired the mortgage, which the company had extended to three local businessmen Poon Yan Chuen, Mak Yuen and Lo Man in 1890, to the centre portion of Dent & Co’s old offices


Completed new building by 1906

Architect was Palmer & Turner, last major building by Clement Palmer before retirement in 1907


Property sold to Chung Yuet Hing in 1921 for HKD742,000 who sold it to HSBC in 1924.


Royal Buildings North / Cecil Hotel [1904-1954]

Date Place completed: 
c.1904-01-01 (Month, Day are approximate)
Date Place demolished: 
c.1954-01-01 (Month, Day are approximate)

Royal/ Chung Tin buildings


Inland Lot 1724, secured July 1900


Architect was Leigh & Orange


Phase 1 (King Edward Hotel end) completed in 1902, leased to Dhunjeebhoy Dorabjee, severely damaged by fire in March 1929

Rebuilt as office block which opened in 1931 (original façade kept), rebuilt portion renamed Chung Tin Building


Phase 2 completed in 1904, lower five floors leased to Lane Crawford until 1924

After 1924 building was leased as Hotel Savoy which became Hotel Cecil

2 Connaught Road / New Oriental Building [1898-c.1955]

Date Place completed: 
c.1898-01-01 (Month, Day are approximate)
Date Place demolished: 
c.1955-01-01 (Year, Month, Day are approximate)

The building was completed in 1898, and was originally just known by its address: 2 Connaught Road

In 1939 it was sold to a new Japanese owner, and renamed: New Oriental Building

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