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China Light and Power Co. - Building Next To It

The style of the double decker bus indicates this photo was taken in early 1950s.  In looking at recent street photo views, I noted the several low level buildings just beyond the clock building were later merged together to make one continuous structure.  There was no gap between them and the clock building but I cannot tell if there was a path connecting the two.

Charles Barber & Far East American (newspaper) & HK electricity nationalization

Could anyone provide information on Charles Barber, who apparently moved to Hong Kong sometime after 1945 and died in Koowloon in January 1973? Barber, representing the Motion Picture Association, was a key player in the attempt to merge and nationalize Hong Kong's electricity companies in the late 1950s. According to a family history, he worked for Hong Kong Electric and later was the editor and/ or publisher of a Kowloon newspaper called the Far East American. - any information on this newspaper also would be appreciated.

The CLP History Film Project

The CLP History Film Project is a documentary detailing the history of CLP (China Light & Power) and the ways in which its development has become interlinked with the development of Hong Kong as a whole, as well as its more recent investments in China and India. We are currently searching for archive film footage of Hong Kong from the early 20th Century onwards. Having searched through the local government records service and resources, we would welcome any submissions or leads to private collections and other archive sources!

Hok Un / Hok Yuen Power Station [1921-1991]

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Marker's position approximate.

What was the completion date for the power station? The Hong Kong Heritage Project blog says:

In 1940, Hok Un “A” Power Station was opened by Governor Sir Geoffrey Northcote and a decade later Hok Un “B” Power Station was commissioned as Hong Kong rapidly industrialised and domestic supply increased. Read more...

But I'm not sure if that was the first power station on the site or not.

China Light & Power Co building

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The CLP building as seen today was originally a series of seperated buildings. Those in this picture were probably senior staff apartments. The present building is not ideal as a work place as natural light is blocked by the steep cliff at the back and the flyover with its attendent noise and traffic pollutiion at the front.

Shewan Tomes book pages

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