older hong kong -1960s

any of you know 'old' hong kong? I often think of people I knew back then... Greg

You're out of your mind.

This was in reply to: "NO NO NO Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 2006-03-31 08:55. NO, the school moved to Happy Valley from Kennedy Road. NO, they did not go to Botanical Gardens for P.E. They had a walk to Bowen Road. NO, I don't think you were a RH student."

You're right. In the movies Melody girls were wearing the same table cloth

Caine Road was an apartment building.

Yes, I am in my mind. Yes, RHS moved to Kennedy Road from McDonald Road. Yes, RHS moved to Happy Valley from Kennedy Road. Yes, RHS moved to Caine Road From Happy Valley. Yes, RHS girls were wearing red and white table cloths. Yes, RHS boy were wearing white shirts and light tan pants, also a red or silver ties. Actually there was no standard style at RHS. NO, RHS did not move to Caine Road Kennedy Road. NO, RHS did not go to Botanical Gardens for P.E. at Kennedy Road. NO, You weren't a RHS student. my email: yevan2@yahoo.com

Ha! Not only was I a student there, I still have every one of my report cards, starting from P1. Yes, we sure did go to the Botanical Gardens for P.E.

Ha! you wasn't a student there, you even can't tell your name. RHS students did go to the Botanical Gardens for P.E. when the school was on McDonald Road. Ha! Show me your report cards. Ha!

approx '73- '78, how could you get a P.1 report card. Ha! RHS already moved to Happy Valley in 1973. How could you go to the Botanical Gardens for P.E.? Ha! Jumped on a taxi? Ha!

Ha! I could tell how Helen Yp look like. She had short black hair about 2 inches above her shoulder. She had tights medium length table cloth skirt. Most of the time she was wearing sneakers. Fiona will 100% agree with me. Ha!

Ha! Mrs Rude wasn't a teacher. She was RHS principal, Ha! Do you know what Mrs Rudge son-in-law's job was? Ha! NO, NO, NO, you don't know anything about this? Ha!

Ha! may be you were not a RHS fake student. May be you just went to the fake RHS school that was close to Botanical Garden by mistake in '73 to '80, Ha! Just like fake stuffs made in China, Rolax watches for Rolex. Please check your report card whether it is Royden House or Roden Mouse. Ha!

Hi, this is Anna again, it's been a while, hello to all RHS students. If my memories serve me right, I never sent toBotanical Garden for PE, only to a park somewhere in McDonald Road, we girls like to sit under the bridge and talk while the boys will play soccer. We had to go to Happy Valley or King's park to practice field hockey Our winter uniforms was white shirt, grey skirts and tie. I don't remember ever an indian boy having his mouth washed by Mrs. Rudge, wasn't it a chinese boy, I think he was from my class at that time we were in Caine Rd, the building was fairly new (commercial/residential don't remember) I spent the first two years at McDonald Rd, 2nd floor, everyweek we take the school bus to Sing Woo Rd. to use the lab there, then to Happy Valley, and last Caine Rd.

I'm not sure about this, but wasn't the school split at one point, juniors in one location and seniors in another?

Evan, you need to get a grip. Seriously, man. I don't want to offend anyone and I had fun at RH, but it was not exactly a world-class school. Why would anyone lie about attending this place?

Though RH was not an universal-class school, it was close to a world-class school, seven stars. You still a fake RH student to me unless people know who you are, Ha! At least your name, address, sex, age, status of marrage, bank account numbers, ID card number. etc.

This forum is too long to Ha! Ha! May be we should make up another forum. How about Royden House World-Class School?

RH whoever went there, either did good or bad! There was something about that school that keeps the bond going. Do you remember Mr Gill, punjabi teacher was there for years, Mrs Lai, always in Primary 1 whenever you see her, Ms Sun, Mrs Gita and Mr Loasby where are you? and what about Mr Cozen>? Not seen you around. God I miss you guys a lot......And of course Mrs Williamson (Mrs Rudge daughter.... where are you?)

Hi this is Sunita Ex-Samtani from Hong Kong, studied in Royden House. I would like to contact some of my old friends like Carl, Helen, Maria and so forth. Contact me at heals46@yahoo.co.uk. Thanks and be well! Sunita

Hi, I want to contact my old classmates there. Please get in touch with me. Janet

Hello Fiona,

I remember you and we were in the same class . I was a student too at Royden House School from 1970-1975 . By the way , my name was Oliver & i am a Chinese .  I  remember Mario and Maria ( Philipino.. brother & sister) , Robert ( short little guy) & another Mario ( kind of heavy) .They both are Portuguese . I moved to Canada in 1976 . I lived there for two and a half year and then moved to Phoenix , Az . I have been living here ever since . I still remember Mr. Behan , Mrs. Gill & the principle Mrs. Rudge .

I went to Royden House on McDonald Rd. I clearly remeber Mrs. Rudge!!! Going through these comments brought back such wonderful memories. Those years were some of the most impressionable years of my life. How i cherish those days. I lived just behind the school at Estoril Court. In those days it was only a 10 floor building. Like Greg i often think of people i knew then.

I lived in HK for just 2 yrs. Jan 1966 to Dec 1967........

hey dude remember we went to cozumel together with bobby and tracy chugani.... shared a room... how have you been... tracy is still in austin but do you know where Bobby is...di he move back To HK >? was wondering if you knew how to get a hold of him... ok take it easy

Her name was MRS RUDGE.

Yup dude reember you very well you got sick at the cozumel airport because you had my chicken and rice as well what a site .....tew la lo mo.. Bobby and Tracy are still in Austin area dude buda area check it out he is dying to hook up with you as it has been 9 years or so he said he has not seen you... give me your contact details and i will pass on to him for you..tew la lo mo.. So what have you been up to ??? keep in touch... Rajen

Hi! Royden House was indeed a fun place (at times) to study and be silly. I remember most of the teachers there...and wonder what they're upto these days. It wasn't the best school in Hong Kong but it still had a certain charm to it. I was in Form 5 Arts and graduated in 1980. Just wonderin' how all my classmates are doin'? Take care! Anil.

Are you Anil Segal???

yes Anil here and you are?

i was there Primary 5 to form 4 1967 to 1971 my teacher was Mrs Tucker and Mrs Morrison also Mrs Gill.

does anyone have the old students pictures?? 1967-1972

i was the captain of the Rugby team 1970, 1971, we always get into a fight when we lost.

hi, anyone rember the boy named Henky Lo he was at Royen House 1968-1991

i was in same class with phillip and his girlfriend Irene, later i met her again in San Francisco, we attended the same university, but i lost touch with both of them now, any one know how to get in touch with them?

yes, i remember they also has a big brother his name is Humprey, they went to University in Canada now they live in Indonesia.

fiona, i was there transition 5 to form 4 Mcdonald rd. are we classmate? i remember Ricky yip and Johnny fu were in my class everyone call me Henky i'm one of the boy from Indonesia. how about you? my email is spanky1114@aol.com like to get an update to all my classmates in Royden house.

hei, what is your name i was a student there 1967-1971

Were you & (the team ) involve in a fight after losing a match in Happy Valley ? Because i was there .

Hi Henky I do seem to remember that name.  I started in Transition 6 when the school was at Macdonnell Road.  We then moved to Kennedy Road then Sing Woo Crescent, where I left after Form 5 in 1975 :)

there were many fights with St. Paul, island schools especially when we loss. what is your name were you one of the players?

fiona, do you remember a guy named Ruby Wongso from Indonesia, does anyone know what happened to the horny guy?? my email is spanky1114@aol.com

were you in the team? what is your name?

Well, i played fullback position and do you remember there was a guy in our team can out run everyone . He was FAST . Our couch and his wife lived in standly bay & his wife was our english teach . One time we all went to their home and played ruby at the beach ....

what yr did you play, i remember the full back on our team was a Thai named Pok, the scrum half was me and Phillip from the Thailand was the half back there was a vietnamese boy his nickname Bang Bang he played center, the wing was Peter Yuen and Henry. did you recall any of these names??

you must be one yr ahead of me i was there 68-72 i'm trying to remember who were in your class. i remember the choir teacher ms Cheung she hated me. ymca was across the St John Building. there were to guys from indonesia one class ahead of me their name are Raymond Foo and Freddy do you remember any of them?

I played in '72 & '73 ( as far as i can remember ) since it has been such a long time . The team captain was an indonesian and I was not your teammate . Because i am not Thai & my name is not Pok . By the way , Henry's last name "Ma" ??!!. Anyway , it has been nice chatting with you . Wishing you & your family a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!... wherever you are .

if you know Henry Ma you may know me, where is Henry now i thought he was going to England to become a Jockey. if you know how to contact him please let me know. i live in the US now.

I lost contact with him over 30 years . He either went to England or and then to the U.S ( which i do not remember anymore ) to be a jockey . I went horesbacking riding with him back in the old old daysSSS in H.K. This guy ran like a thoroughbred (...Fast).

I attended Royden House back in the late 60's, it was fun! Is anybody out there from that time? Monica

Henry Ma, how is he? Is he still in the States? Monica

I know he went to Maryland back in the early 70's, but where he is now, I would like to know.