older hong kong -1960s

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any of you know 'old' hong kong? I often think of people I knew back then... Greg

I lived in hk from1948-63, bar some gaps for schooling.
I miss it, but hope to go back for a short visit in 2005.
It must have changed(!)
I was at the Peak school,Kennady Road, and much later Diosescen Boys.
Those were great times. Beach parties, boat trips and great fun.
Where were you?

late reply but no, she passed away quite a few years ago and Isabelle, her daughter, took over for a while before it was sold, I believe.

Hey all you anonymous ones....declare yourselves!!!

I was there from 1969 to 1975 (Transition 6 through Form 5).

I'm not too sure about the locations in different years but I think it would have been

1969 - 1971 St. John's Ambulance Building (now 5 Macdonnel Rd) plus a flat in an old block down the road

1971 - 1973 Kennedy Road (old building up a short hill, next to Monticello)

1973 - 1975 Sing Woo Crescent in Happy Valley (another old building)

I was there from 1970 to 1976 (Transition 6 through Form 5).

1970 to 1973 Kennedy Road, very very old building that people were living other side, which was a good spot for those smokers. Actually Royden didn't look like a school. I remember I took the damn old school buses ran to West, Star Ferry and North Point.

1974 - 1976 Sing Woo Crescent in Happy Valley. It was much better but still didn't look like a school.

Evan....I can't place an Evan but we must have been there at the same time, I guess you were a year or so behind me!!!! Do you remember a chubby gwai (there was only one!!!)? That was me *L*

oooh and Tony Behan, English teacher? Remember him? I saw him recently!!!!

Yes, Mr Behan, the handsome went to HK British Cultural Association...something like that. I am one of those gang, trouble makers, Chinese, they called me fat monkey, Evan Chan. Oh, I thought Mr. Behan go back to England. Recall- Mr. Lai, Mrs. Gill etc.

I didn't mean I was a gang. I was only one of the Royden's nuts....you know. Were you live in Mcdonnel Road? How is Mr. Behan doing now? If you mention to him my name, he could tell you who I am. I was next to him on the dragon boat in..1973?

Also, the girlish Christopher, and the chunky Eddy, he was a KeiLeiFer in couple HK movie pictures. He was beaten by Stephen Chow or someone else.

yes i remember chris (malig), heard he passed away a few years ago...and eddie (maher) indeed....do you recall michael vas, chris reis, mario and maria (garcia?)...dilip murjani, dhun (?), raj (?)...they were all the guys in my year ...except maria ...and i hung with linney, angelina, julia, maria (above)...oh and wesley who taught the girls hockey team, shortlived and i think we won only one game but it was fun for us while it lasted

man i think we should all get together for a reunion

tony behan is running a training company here

Yes, I remember them, they were a year ahead of me except Dilip. He was repeated From 1 with me. One of our teacher's husband touch us ruby in Happy Valley. Mario was a guy always like to fight in school. Has Mr. Behan married yet?

Hi I am Rajen I also left Royden house in 1974 we were still
on Sing woo Road Happy valley. I hope we can all have a reunion
soon let's get together for Drinks let say wanchai , Danny
Lachu (who was 2 class below us) Let's e-mail and make a date

Rajen Gohel

There was also MRS Grill in Punjabi dress teaching economics
also a short chinese teacher by the name of Mr. lai or light ??
Mrs Burns english teacher .


There was also MRS Grill in Punjabi dress teaching economics
also a short chinese teacher by the name of Mr. lai or light ??
Mrs Burns english teacher .


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Yes, Mr Koch. We used to make fun with him Mr Cock.

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Hello, my name is Anna` I graduated in 1978 and I've been to all those locations, Macdonald Road, Happy Valley and Caine Road. When I was there I had Mrs. Tucker, Mrs. Strange for English, Mr. Behan later on, a Mrs. Mullins (young blond, very mico-mini skirts). Later on in Caine Rd, we had Mr. Wong for maths, Mr. Chan for econ. Mr. Lai/science, Behan/English, Mrs. Gill was the history/geography teacher. Do anyone of you know Gurbage(spelling??), he was in our class, the Botelhos, David Xavier, Nerissa. I do remember the incident when one of our classmates had to have his mouth washed by Mrs. Rudge. I remember Maria and Mario Garcia they were 3 classes ahead of me. I do know Philip Malig (Chris' brother) no more contacts after he went to England. Does anyone of you remember a Henry Marcel? He's really a part-time student. He was my class-mate back in elementary school, (Escola Camoes). Anna

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Wow! I don't remember most of the teachers' names, but I do remember Mrs. Strange and Mrs. Rudge very well. I remember the boy getting his mouth washed with soap during assembly. He was Indian, with a name like Ajay, I think. The school moved to Caine Road from Kennedy Road. I remember going to the Botanical Gardens for P.E. while we were at Kennedy because it was within walking distance. No real P.E. at Caine from what I remember.

NO, the school moved to Happy Valley from Kennedy Road.
NO, they did not go to Botanical Gardens for P.E. They had a walk to Bowen Road.
NO, I don't think you were a RH student.

McDonnell Road (partly in the old St. John's Ambulance Building on the corner of McDonnell/Garden Roads, partly in a residential apartment a few blocks down the road)

then Kennedy Road (an old stand-alone building up a steep driveway)

then Sing Woo Crescent, off Sing Woo Road (another old stand-alone building)

then Caine Road (a commercial building)

and i HATED those red gingham dresses, i always felt as though i was wearing a tablecloth!!