Hotel Mira (formerly Miramar Hotel, 2nd location) [1978- ]

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  • 1978: The new building opens as the Princess Wing, the name reflecting the Princess Theatre that was the previous building on this site. The new building was an extension to the original Miramar Hotel that was opposite on the north side of Kimberley Road.

    • "1978. Capacity of Hotel Miramar expanded to 1,330 rooms with the completion of 18-storey Princess Wing (the present Hotel Miramar Hong Kong site), including a 26,000 sq. ft. penthouse convention centre, making Hotel Miramar the biggest hotel in Hong Kong and south East Asia." [1]
  • 1988: The old hotel was demolished, so this building took on the name of the Miramar Hotel.
    • "1988. The three old hotel buildings (the present Miramar shopping Centre and Miramar tower site) were demolished and transformed into an office tower and shopping arcade complex." [1]
  • 2008: The hotel was rebranded as The Mira. [2]


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